This weekend more than 20 companies came together at BigData conclave to explore big ideas. It was two day event held at Sheraton hotel, Bangalore. Developers from all across country flew to Bangalore to participate in the event.

Flutura, a bigdata company, hosted hackathon to crack big data problem within 24 hours. More than 53 teams from various companies had participated in the event.We were able to crack the problem and win the hackathon. It was a great team performance.


Energy is well known problem across the globe.There is a huge need to precisely analyze the usage and predict the every growing energy demands. Evolution of smart meters allowed industry to capture more data about power usage but it still challenging to analyse this data for specific actions. So every team is provided data for last four years, which recorded the every minute power usage for this time period. We had 24 hours to predict the future energy usage and device usage patterns using this data. It was very interesting problem and we were all ready to have a crack.

Our solution

We chose Scala and Spark as a platform to solve this particular problem over traditional hadoop as it gives more control to implement the machine learning algorithms. As spark allowed us faster prototyping and implementation we were able to solve the problems within given time. We will be sharing more information about our solution in future posts, but here are few interesting facts from our analysis.

Do you know that there is sharp spike in kitchen power usage in Dec 25? Seems like more people likes to cook and celebrate with family.

S1 indicates kitchen appliances, S2 indicates laundry and S3 water heater

AC and Water heater takes more 33% of power usage across whole globe


S1 indicates kitchen appliances, S2 indicates laundry and S3 water heater

We will be back with more interesting facts about data and our solution so keep on eye on this place.

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