Privacy Policy

ZINNIA SYSTEMS is fully committed to respecting and honoring the privacy of users of its service. ZINNIA SYSTEMS does not automatically gather personal information ("personal information" statutorily refers to information about an identifiable individual, but does not include the name, title or business address or telephone number of an employee of an organization) from users of this service. Any personal information obtained is done solely on a voluntary basis, as through any e-mails you (the user of the service) may exchange with ZINNIA SYSTEMS and/or through any online forms within which you (the user of the service) may voluntarily surrender such personal information, for instance.

Any personal information collected as such is protected under Indian law, including but not necessarily limited to, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act and/or subsequent Provincial Statutes as may be enacted from time to time. Where under, at which time (i.e. at the point of collection), you shall be promptly notified that such personal information has in fact been collected, its nature, the purpose for which it has been collected, and your right to access, modify or delete such information, among other obligations of fair and lawful processing.

The service may employ software which inevitably receives and records the Internet Protocol (IP) address, among other technical information relating to the ordinary access of such an online service, of the computer which has contacted it. Such addresses and other such technical information inevitably obtained, are not manipulated as to reveal or insinuate the identity of individuals using the service

ZINNIA SYSTEMS makes every effort to ensure that the data and material in this website is complete and correct. However, no liability is accepted for any error made in, or omission from, this website. The development of ZINNIA SYSTEMS and its subsidiaries products and services is continuous and published information may not be up to date.

Links to other websites are for information purposes only. ZINNIA SYSTEMS does not necessarily have control over the content or services provided by any linked sites and therefore accepts no responsibility for such content or services.

Breaches, Governing Law & Jurisdiction: Where a user of said service is found to be in contravention of the afore listed terms and conditions ZINNIA SYSTEMS shall pursue any and all remedies available to it, by operation of law or otherwise. This agreement shall be interpreted and enforced in accordance with the Indian companies act.