Zarada BSS product suite

One stop solution for your BSS needs

Communications service providers operate in a very competitive, even cut-throat, environment. The infrastructure is expensive; the business is very operations-intensive; and customer loyalty is usually low. In order to remain ahead of competition, you must keep costs under control, reduce time to market of new products and offers, and provide excellent customer support.

The Zarada BSS/OSS suite provides comprehensive business and operational support to ensure that you retain your market leadership in this dynamic environment.

Zarada Portfolio

Zarada BSS Portfolio

Why Zarada?

  • Comprehensive

    Zarada is specifically designed to provide end-to-end BSS/OSS support, from customer management through revenue management, service fulfilment, and business analytics. The Foundation module works in the background to handle user authorization and authentication to safeguard information and ensure data integrity.

  • Scalable

    Built on a novel architecture, Zarada can easily scale to handle millions of customers and transactions. Zarada supports parallel processing using multiple threads, making it particularly well-suited to utilize modern-age multi-core processors.

  • Flexible

    Zarada uses a novel workflow-based information management system that allows you to achieve high level of process independence. The SOA-based architecture ensures that our modules integrate easily into your enterprise architecture.

  • Open

    The Zarada suite is designed to seamlessly inter-operate with your enterprise applications, using open standards-based interfaces. This significantly simplifies integration and helps maximize your ROI.