Zarada Business Intelligence and Reporting

Information at your finger tips

Live business data is the most reliable forms of information for an organization. As a communications service provider, interacting with customers, partners, and resellers, you collect vast amounts of market data on a daily basis. However, sifting through this enormous amounts of information and obtaining actionable business insights is often a challenge. Zarada Advanced Visualization and Insights (AVI) offers a comprehensive out-of-the-box reporting and business intelligence suite that aids strategic and tactical decision making.

Be it operational information such as the amount of time spent on subscriber activation, or strategic insights into the most popular offers during a year, or even trend indicators on the faster growing market segments, AVI can give you valuable business intelligence in the form of easy-to-consume graphical reports. With support for data selection; sorting, filtering, and grouping; various chart types like line, pie, and bar charts; and the capability to generate many output formats like xls, pdf, and html, AVI is as flexible as a reporting suite can get.