Zarada Customer Management

Manage customers effectively

Customers today demand nothing short of the best and customer interaction is the corner stone of retention and loyalty. But given the rapid rate at which you are on-boarding customers, each subscribing to a unique bouquet of services, you need a reliable BSS to handle all these interactions efficiently.

Zarada Customer Management allows you to give all your customers a unified, yet customized, interaction experience to boost customer retention. Our customer management offering includes the following:

Cool Agent Station (CAS)

CAS allows you to register new customers and also provides you a 360 degree view of each customer during their entire period of association. Hierarchies within CAS allow you to handle corporate and retail customers with great ease. Easy and quick process synchronization, single sign-on across applications, and intuitive navigation allow your service agents to remain in complete control of customer interactions and deliver a consistent experience every time

Intelligent Order Capture (IOC)

Your interaction with the customer during order entry is a crucial point in the sales and marketing cycle. This is the ideal time to upsell or cross-sell services based on your conversation with the customer; or offer a sweetener to convert a lead into a customer. Such dynamic interactions, however, require that you have the right information and the right tools to help you take quick decisions. IOC empowers you to make such business decisions on-the-fly by giving you access to all relevant information on a unified interface. Support for customization of offers, quote generation, CSR-level discounts, side-by-side comparison of offers, and conversion of quotes into firm order, IOC handles it all with great ease.

Versatile Self Service (VSS)

Customers increasingly prefer to have access to self-service portals where they have full control over a range of activities without dependence on CSRs. Self-service channels save time for customers, and cost and effort for you. VSS allows you to extend the benefits of self-service over web- and mobile-based channels. VSS gives your customers the ability to handle several routine and non-routine tasks such as bill payment, recharge, address modification, duplicate bill requests, password change, unbilled usage monitoring, and purchase of additional services.

Unified Communication Center (UCC)

UCC provides a unified interface to handle all communications with your customers, be it new orders, support ticket resolution, or relationship management. UCC supports dynamic message content creation to communicate real-time information to customers just-in-time. UCC can also be easily configured to provide a personalized interaction to every customer. You can, for example, configure your customer's preferred language, channel, and even time for receiving notifications from you.

Customer Assistance Center (CAC)

Problem resolution is one of the most critical phases of customer retention. CAC gives you a reliable SLA-based workflow that allows you to handle service requests to the complete satisfaction of your customers. CAC promotes total visibility into service requests right from initial contact through resolution; customers are kept in the loop about the status of their request through e-mail or other channels, and your operations manager receives timely emails / alarms to initiate appropriate action, whenever needed, through escalation mechanism to ensure that customer SLAs are always met.