Zarada Service Fulfillment

Effective flow management

In today's market environment, you need to constantly bring innovative products onto the market. At the same time, you need to reduce time-to-market of these innovative products in order to capture maximum market share. However, rollout of new products is a complex task in itself. Zarada Service Fulfilment empowers you to efficiently manage service fulfilment in this real-time, multi-vendor, and multi-service environment, thereby giving you the agility to respond to market changes quickly. Our service fulfillment offering includes the following:

Dynamic Product Catalog (DPC)

You need to offer a broad array of products to your customers. You also need to constantly tailor your base offerings for different customer groups, market segments, or times of the year. And, you might have to price each such variant differently for different customers. DPC gives you the power to create and manage a rich and dynamic product catalog that can be customized at the click of a button. DPC gives your customer service representatives the ability to create offers on-the-fly based on customer requirements. The hierarchical offer development workflow gives you unlimited freedom to put various features, price plans, and discounts together to create highly personalized products for customers based on a range of availability and eligibility rules.

Agile Order Manager (AOM)

Once an order is placed, you can make or break customer confidence by your speed of delivery. Efficient order management and speedy provisioning of services are crucial for long-term customer satisfaction. AOM gives you the ability to minimize service provisioning times and maximize accuracy of order fulfilment. AOM also provides an SLA-based workflow management system that allows you to assign tasks to people. The in-built escalation and communication mechanisms ensures that you can keep track of the progress of the order at any time.

Adaptive Multi-Service Activator (ASA)

Quick service activation is one of the most crucial requirements of order management. Modern day services require activation on multiple equipment and network elements. ASA offers an automated platform that is capable of handling millions of activation requests at real-time with minimal manual intervention. ASA offers many different interfaces for integration with network elements and OSS using a range of protocols such as Telnet, HTTP, Radius, and FTP.

Logistics Support System (LSS)

Customer premises equipment (CPE) go hand in hand with service delivery. It is just as important for you to manage the procurement, installation, and tracking of CPE such as SIM, dongles, handsets, etc. LSS gives you full control over your CPE inventory management. Be it procurement of equipment from various vendors, allocation of equipment to customers during order placement, or tracking of inventory at real-time, LSS is capable of handling all aspects of CPE inventory management in an automated environment.

Expert Service Commander (ESC)

Efficient authentication and balance management are key to smooth service delivery for your postpaid and prepaid customers. ESC is a WiMAX NWG Stage 3 compliant AAA server for seamless subscriber management. ESC handles a range of activities such as user authentication, CDR generation, usage processing, account balance updation, and credit expiry management. ESC also provides open interfaces for integration with OMA-DM systems to facilitate over-the-air provisioning with lawful interception systems to ensure regulatory compliance.