Hadoop Enterprise Training

Equip your employees with specific skills necessary to tackle Big Data problems

Designed for corporates looking to train batches of their employees on Hadoop, the enterprise training program covers all the topics typically covered in a 3-day program. However, the training course content as well as the duration can be customized to suit your specific training requirements.




Developers with basic understanding of big data and Hadoop; developers who are looking to use their preliminary knowledge of the MapReduce API to develop Hadoop applications.


  • Programming experience on any language
  • Basic Java knowledge is higly recommended
  • Prior knowledge about Hadoop is not required.

Course Highlights

  • Introduction to core Hadoop technologies, HDFS, and MapReduce
  • Installation and management of Hadoop
  • Implementing common algorithms in Hadoop
  • Developing MapReduce applications
  • Best practices for developing and debugging MapReduce applications
  • Introduction to any two of the following:
    • Pig
    • Hive
    • Squoop
    • Oozie
    • HBase

Course Contents

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